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Typical Harlingen Pest Control Problems

Mosquitoes love the water, so there’s no question why they like to congregate around Harilngen, TX.  Harlingen is located right along the South Padre Island Beaches, making it the prime spot to find these little blood-sucking pests. There’s nothing that disrupts a summer night like a swarm of mosquitoes. Their bites usually leave itchy red bumps or welts that plague the bitten person or animal for days. Mosquito bites can even transmit diseases such as the Zika virus or malaria. In order to prevent, get rid of standing water, and  flip over toys laying around so they can’t collect water.It’s also important to keep doors closed whenever possible. However, even the best prevention strategies can be ineffective when executed without professional help. If you have a mosquito problem, call Fox Pest Control for quality mosquito control services. 

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Our Connection to Harlingen

Josh Castelan, our McAllen Branch Manager,, gets hungry when he thinks of Harlingen. For him, this town is all about the food. Two restaurants that stand out to Josh are Longhorn Cattle Company and Stefanos. Josh goes to Longhorn Cattle Company for a juicy American steak or burger. Stefano’s, on the other hand, is a delicious Italian joint. He remembers going to Stefano’s to celebrate birthdays with family and friends. For Josh, Harlingen is the place to get together and enjoy good food with loved ones. 

Fox Pest Control is proud to be part of the RGV. We are members of the Harlingen Chamber of Commerce, who have been helping create a business friendly environment in Harlingen since 1919. They continue to strive for economic growth and prosperity in the area today. Fox is continually looking for ways to be more involved in the communities we serve.

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