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Typical Pharr Pest Control Problems

In Pharr, there is no shortage of amenities and interesting things to see and do. From Smitty’s Jukebox Museum to playing TopGolf with friends and family, residents and tourists are sure to be entertained. There are also some unwanted guests that seem to love living in Pharr as well: rats. 

Rats are common pests that seem to be attracted to homes in the Pharr area. There are two types of rats that residents should keep an eye out for. First is the Norway Rat. These rats are large rodents that typically live outside and burrow themselves in the ground. However, they will move indoors when it begins to get colder or if they are unable to find a food source. They will follow their burrowing instincts and burrow themselves underground. This could be in a basement, crawl space, or beneath your foundation, specifically near a water source. 

The second rat to look for is the roof rat. These rats are natural climbers and like to build their nests in higher locations such as attics or in the eaves of homes. Both types of rats can be carriers of disease, posing a serious threat to humans if bitten. Make a mental note to inspect your home for rat droppings, gnaw marks on wood, or sightings of rats, and make sure you call your local Fox technicians if you think you have a rat problem.

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Our Connection to Pharr

Josh Castelan, Fox’s McAllen Branch Manager, lives in Edinburg but comes to Pharr every day. The McAllen office is actually located in Pharr. Every morning, Josh and the team head to the office, pick up supplies, load their trucks, and take off on their routes. 

However, the office isn’t our only connection to Pharr. Every year, the city puts on Hub Fest, a festival with free food, concerts, and rides. Josh likes to take family and friends to the festival. It’s a fun time for everyone involved!

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